Horoscope february 18 individuals

This week, hold on to the feeling that your life, your energy, and your time are important. Your body has its own rhythms, and you can trust them. It might feel like other people are trying to talk you out of your specific needs, or even out of having any needs at all. It might feel like other people are trying to talk you out of your values, out of your desires — as though every feeling can be reduced to logic, to an argument, to a set of facts.

Your job this week is not to let them get inside your head. The world can make it difficult, sometimes, for you to be fully honest. There are languages not everyone knows how to speak. This week, though, is for being as honest as you can in spite of all that: honest with yourself, and with the people you care for, and with the communities you move through. Someone will be listening; someone will need to hear exactly what you have to say.

February 18 Birthday Horoscope — Zodiac Sign Personality

This week, the challenge is to sit with your weirder feelings, to live with them, to hold them close. Something is resolving itself inside of you. Listen to the voices that seem soft at first. This week will offer you some unexpected time or unexpected space to connect with the world outside yourself, to nurture your humanity.

Mars enters Scorpio

Make sure to spend time outside your own house, outside your own head, paying attention to the movement and people all around you. Anger or grief or loneliness can connect you to other people as much as happiness can. Longing and confusion can remind you of your humanity just as powerfully as strength can. Sometimes, patience comes easily to you — in long-term plans, in slow, steady climbs.

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Your vision is sharp, and you know what you want. Excitement flows in your relationships and your ruling planet Venus meets with serious Saturn: Commitment is on your mind. Pisces season begins, inspiring you to touch base with yourself when it comes to your wellness routine. The moon in Leo and Jupiter mingle, making it a wonderful evening to connect with friends. Unexpected schedule changes arrive, but solid conversations take place. The sun enters fellow water sign Pisces, bringing romance and creative inspiration!

Good luck flows in your career as the moon in Leo mingles with Jupiter. Exciting news and unexpected flirtations take place today! Serious but productive conversations about money arrive.

The sun enters Pisces and finds you in a sentimental mood! Luck flows your way as the moon in Leo connects with your ruling planet Jupiter. Pisces season is here! An improvement at home or concerning security or your boundaries takes place. Venus meets your ruling planet Saturn, finding you feeling confident and in charge. Exciting news and brilliant ideas are born this morning. Your intuition is especially solid today. The sun enters Pisces and brings your focus to your finances. What's in the stars for you in February?

February 18

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