Aries weekly 15 to 21 tarot march 2020

Big astro news arrives with a drumroll this Monday, December 2!

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After a year of allowing yourself to dream big, it's time to shift out of visionary mode and into actualizing some of those lofty goals. Capricorn energy is slow and steady; more a marathon than a sprint.

With that kind of long-range thinking in play, it will be helpful to project into your future say, a year from now , and envision where you want to be. What does your career look like; what are you doing; who are you doing it with; how much are you earning?

Start THERE, then work backward and set some concrete milestones to reach at various points in the coming year. Whatever you do, don't even consider apologizing for pursuing your personal goals. The Full Moon in Capricorn and lunar eclipse happening on Tuesday are going to bring that chapter full circle.

Your Weekly Horoscope July 15th to 21st

A lunar eclipse is exactly what it sounds like. And in astrology, the Moon is the luminary body that rules and governs our emotions. When it is eclipsed, emotional information is not available to us. For some zodiac signs, this stresses us out.

Yearly Horoscope

For others, not so much. Not everyone is going to feel the eclipse effects as intensely as others. This lunar eclipse is happening in the Cardinal sign of Capricorn.

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That means you are going to be taking the lead on the changes that are in play. Initiate something. Initiate something that feels good. But because this is a Full Moon, a chapter is coming to a close.

Aries horoscope

Really think about what is bugging you the most in your life. Then, take some steps to put this emotional baggage behind you. What do you want eclipsed from your life right now so that your emotional workout can help heal, nurture, and strengthen you? We also have Mercury making a move this week, and remember that Mercury is still retrograde.

Daily horoscope

Mercury will be moving backwards from Leo into Cancer later in the week and will add to your emotional workout this week.