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I also explore the visionary approach in studying the sacred calendar and present many new ideas.

Mayan Horoscope: Sun

Appendices, annotated bibliography and index. Standard trade paperback, 8. Excerpts can be found elsewhere on this Web Site. Utilizes the true count of days. Includes 40 pages of text explaining modern shrine rituals and calendar-priest initiations on 8 Batz. Color cover, spiral binding, page booklet. The text of this booklet can be found here. I treat the thesis very seriously. Not sure yet how this book will be distributed. Re-issued in as Mayan Sacred Science.

After I submitted this to "Mexicon", epigrapher Nikolai Grube did generously comment on it, but avoided the primary thesis of an astronomical alignment in AD. I did all the line drawings for this book. This monograph is the preliminary research that evolved into MC He had already sold eight lots in It was January Tulum was especially excited by a connection to an American investor new to the Tulum market.

Tulum told me before introducing me to the developer, who is in his mids and spent the past decade working in wealth management in New York and Hong Kong. Building a real-estate empire in Mexico comes with its dangers, and he tries to keep a low profile. In the U. One afternoon, I met in town with a group of environmental activists who had organized under the umbrella Red Tulum Sostenible, which exists largely to provide moral support.

It was difficult to hear any birds at all on the beach road over the thrum of the diesel generators. The activists from Red Tulum have made only fitful progress. Mauricio Jervis, a local chef who runs a composting service, managed to persuade only 30 of the hundreds of hotels and restaurants in Tulum to sign up, even though all it required was passing along an extra cent charge to each customer. The trouble is that less than 10 percent of the town is connected to the municipal sewer system. In January, a documentary called The Dark Side of Tulum was released with footage shot by cave divers of feces floating in the rivers.

While Mexico has relatively strict environmental laws, corruption is rampant and enforcement is lax. Some developers pay bribes to get around various laws, like those restricting how much they can build on a lot. The first rule posted on a government sign instructing visitors on how to interact with sea turtles is a request not to sit on them.

The Trecena of Sun

But instead of installing the panels and building that into the cost of the condos, the choice had been given to each buyer. Only two have taken them up on it.

Tulum is a transient boomtown, and even the Mexicans who live there come mostly from somewhere else for work. That has left only the committed group of activists trying to tackle various problems. But they are outnumbered, and no one is completely pure. Self-described hippies have investment properties. One woman complained to me about her failed effort to get more hotels on the beach to adopt solar power, then told me about the recent discovery of what she believed was a small Mayan temple at a construction site.

Eugenio Barbachano, the tourism minister, took a roundabout path into government. Barbachano forged his own path, spending much of his 20s in New York, working to bring AriZona Iced Tea to Mexico and living the life of a successful gay man in Manhattan, where he met another set of real-estate heirs. Barbachano had a real affection for Tulum, having fallen for a Connecticut Wasp there, whom he eventually married at the Maidstone Club in East Hampton. The marriage fell apart in , and when he emerged from the heartbreak, he decided to enter public service. Barbachano threw himself into the job and was learning both the power and challenges of governance.

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A few days earlier, during an EDM show at a venue in the jungle called Zamna, a man had been found shot and killed. The obvious presence of drugs is a relatively new phenomenon in Tulum and makes many locals nervous. One restaurant owner told me that last year a person involved in the drug trade demanded he pay a cut of his revenue every month in order to stay open, a story I heard from several business owners. Other places seemed to have come to an uncomfortable peace, and there were dealers at various spots in town and on the beach. But his property around a cenote hosted one of the biggest new additions to the festival calendar this year.

The new government had been in office for a hundred days, and Barbachano told me he was happy with some of his progress. Absolutely not. Do we have the best rates of any place on earth? You bet your ass. Do I have a lot to smile about? Am I the smiling type? But the problems are becoming harder to ignore, and there are certain signs that the Tulum bubble is gently deflating. Some hotels are reporting more vacancies than usual, and so many new condos are for rent around town that some had to lower their rates. When Mr. And at least some people seem to be looking for the next thing. Bobby Klein heard a new voice telling him to start an online-education portal called the Wisdom and Mystery School.

Nico Wilmes told me Los Amigos is designing a hotel to be built on the moon. A few people were thinking of moving to upstate New York. The most common prediction I heard was Bacalar, two hours south, on an inland lake known as the Lagoon of Seven Colors for its varying shades of blue water.

Maya civilization

Tulum was working on a deal for a acre project nearby. In an age of rising seas and seaweed, could lagoons be the new beaches? Bad news: Several Bacalar residents told me the cycle that overtook Tulum was starting there already. Land was getting expensive, and there was no infrastructure to keep up with the pace of new arrivals. So much contamination was already leaching into the lake that, on a good day, it was now the Lagoon of Three, Maybe Four, Colors.

In a few years, the colors would likely be gone. Leo, the sitar player, flew in to play a set. But it was enough of a success that Gardner and Perlman decided to open a permanent spot across the street in the James Hotel.

Mayan Majix - 1 - Sun (Ahau)

Gardner told me they were in negotiations to open more Gitanos elsewhere. Night 3. June 7 — June June Day 4. June 25 — July July Leaf formation.

Not a Maya Invention

Night 4. July 13 — July Day 5. July 31 — Aug Aug Night 5. Aug 18 — Sept 4. Day 6. Sept 5 — Sept Sept Night 6. Sept 23 — Oct Oct Day 7.